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Shared and transparent digital identity system

Identities registered with blockchain technology are decentralised, immutable and verifiable.

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Long hardcopy processes, complicated logins, obsolete digital defences?


Our solutions provide a perfect digital experience, with advanced security that minimises fraud, protects customers, and makes your business faster and more efficient.

Shared digital identity

Users decide to share certain information, data or documents and a third party attests that their identity is actually valid. As a result, information, data or documents become accessible and useful for companies and banks.

Scytale Products

Blockchain solutions that are ever more integrated with current regulations to give your digital transformation the boost it needs and do so under entirely secure conditions.

Signchain Authentication

PSD2 blockchain strong authentication based on the combined use of two channels and two or more factors. Strong authentication, plus the transparency and immutability of a blockchain signature.

Signchain Signature

The eIDAS-compliant blockchain electronic signature: either remotely or in person. For companies, agents and professionals. A secure electronic signature where, in our vision, blockchain is the real trusted cross-border service provider


Scytale is 100% compliant, entirely in line with the eIDAS European Regulation (Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation) for electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market

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