Tokenization API

Tokens radically change the concept of ownership.

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Greater security to file away all payments

Payment management and security with real and virtual currencies


Greater security for your assets and those of your clients

Management of assets – both digital and non-digital – in a completely innovative way.


Creation of value from everything

Creation of virtual currencies and complex trading systems for public and private processes. Also for NFT.

Generate digital value from real value

With tokenisation, you can convert rights to a real-world asset into digital tokens that can be moved, traded, recorded or stored on a blockchain system.

Tokenisation essentially allows you to convert the value stored in any object – where it is physical or intangible – into a token that can be used on the blockchain.

With our APIs you will be able to build

Create digital value from real assets or even from actions, objects, thoughts, NFT, ecc.

Tokens, value and security

Everything we own is associated with our name: from our car to our house, from an investment portfolio to money in the bank. Plus, the businesses we own are often very difficult to trade. Thanks to tokenisation, they can be broken down into pieces, creating a stock or a single proof of ownership linked to any asset.

Keep the sensitive data of your card or account safe by replacing it with tokens through the tokenisation process.

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Use Case

How can you use
blockchain technology to enhance your company?
Select a field and apply it to your business

Digital Identity Systems (SSI)

Identities registered with blockchain technology are decentralised, immutable and verifiable.


Electronic signature

A blockchain electronic signature refers to data in an electronic form (hashes and keys), logically associated with other data in an electronic form and used by the signee to sign documents, contracts, insurance policies, etc.



Supply Chain Tracking

Ledger digitisation will make supply chains more resilient to future shocks and blockchain will help ensure data privacy for suppliers.


Asset & Wealth Management Bank

Security, transparency and immutability – through blockchain technology it is now possible to securely access bank data (PSD2) and offer new innovative and user-centred services and products.