Changing the rules of the game.

Scytale integrates and provides the most advanced process digitalisation technologies.

Digital onboarding, electronic signature, SCA/PSD2 authentication and ‘notarisation’ based on a blockchain architecture.

Thanks to an ecosystem that is extremely easy to integrate, you can quickly and effectively provide the highest level of security and functionality for your users and clients by using the most innovative and secure technologies on the market.



Not just cryptocurrencies

We want to use technology in an innovative way, enhancing transparency and security in both life and business.




We want to revolutionise the digital identity and electronic signature market. Like the internet revolutionized our world, blockchain can change our society and make a difference in many areas.

Our offices in Mantua

Modernity and elegance, trying to bring comfort to an environment constantly connected with the world.

  1. 1984
    Establishment of AliasLab
  2. 1984-2016
    ICT innovator, leading company in the field of security solutions, electronic signatures and payments for the financial and insurance areas of large companies: Unipol, TIM, Poste Italiane, Crédit Agricole, Toyota, Eni and many others
  3. 2016
    TeamSystem, controlled by investment fund H&F, took over AliasLab from Aliasnet with an M&A transaction. Scytale was created as a full spin-off of AliasLab's blockchain expertise centre and became an independent firm within the Aliasnet group.
  4. 2018
    GELLIFY investment in Scytale
  5. 2021
    Scytale Scale-up

    Agreement with Trust Technologies TIM for the distribution of its blockchain technologies.

    It obtained the European patent for the Method of digital identity generation and authentication, which opened up the way for the eIDAS electronic signature with blockchain technologies.

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