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Manufacturing supply chain and third-party tracking

Track, follow, manage and certify products with a blockchain-based approach. Scytale is your trusted blockchain enabler –easily integrate it into your processes

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Complexity, transparency and efficiency are the main issues related to supply chains.

How can blockchain technology help supply chains?


Because it contains a single version of the truth. Because it is tamper-proof. Because it’s 100% secure thanks to its encryption. Because there is no single point of error, thanks to the distributed ledger.

Guaranteed quality and production traceability.

So with Blockchain

1 – you will have greater transparency and visibility
2 – you won’t have to waste any more paper, which as well as being the best choice for the environment, is also the most secure. To limit errors in the value chain, it is important to make data available through digital means
3 – you can ensure data is only visible to authorised parties, which allows companies to maintain a competitive edge.

Scytale Products

Blockchain solutions that are ever more integrated with current regulations to give your digital transformation the boost it needs and do so under entirely secure conditions.

Signchain Authentication

PSD2 blockchain strong authentication based on the combined use of two channels and two or more factors. Strong authentication, plus the transparency and immutability of a blockchain signature.

Signchain Signature

The eIDAS-compliant blockchain electronic signature: either remotely or in person. For companies, agents and professionals. A secure electronic signature where, in our vision, blockchain is the real trusted cross-border service provider


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