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Secure and transparent asset and investment management

100% secure remote management of financial and banking procedures – compliant with PSD2 and AMLD5.

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Slow and fragmented processes, complex systems that are difficult to integrate. 


Using blockchain and digital identity to adapt processes to fast substrates that are highly secure and reliable.

Wealth Management & Private financials

Remote solutions to manage your clients’ investments and assets. PSD2-compliant security and management – custody – of digital assets thanks to our partners 

Scytale Products

Blockchain solutions that are ever more integrated with current regulations to give your digital transformation the boost it needs and do so under entirely secure conditions.

Signchain Authentication

PSD2 blockchain strong authentication based on the combined use of two channels and two or more factors. Strong authentication, plus the transparency and immutability of a blockchain signature.

Signchain Signature

The eIDAS-compliant blockchain electronic signature: either remotely or in person. For companies, agents and professionals. A secure electronic signature where, in our vision, blockchain is the real trusted cross-border service provider


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