Scytale for the luxury sector

Blockchain technology promotes and enhances security, preventing the use of fraudulent documents and counterfeit goods.

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The challenge

Luxuryis a sector where blockchain comes into its own and is a guarantee for both brands and end users.

How can this technology preserve brands and the entire sector? Because it is part of an actual digital notary and guarantees maximum transparency and security.

If something is ‘notarised’ on a blockchain, you will have the guarantee that the data previously entered is still intact and has not been altered.

Indeed, all you need is a copy of the original data (a file, a log file or a record) to be able to recalculate its original values (hash values) at any time and check that it matches the content saved on the blockchain. Plus, not only can you prove that the data has not been altered, but that it already existed when it was ‘notarised’.



Single version of reality





Highly secure



Advanced encryption system



No single point of attack or failure



To protect quality and Italian-made manufacturing

Use Case

How can you use blockchain technology to enhance your company?
Select a field and apply it to your business

Digital Identity Systems (SSI)

Identities registered with blockchain technology are decentralised, immutable and verifiable.


Electronic signature

A blockchain electronic signature refers to data in an electronic form (hashes and keys), logically associated with other data in an electronic form and used by the signee to sign documents, contracts, insurance policies, etc. More

Supply Chain Tracking

Ledger digitisation will make supply chains more resilient to future shocks and blockchain will help ensure data privacy for suppliers.


Asset & Wealth Management Bank

Security, transparency and immutability – through blockchain technology it is now possible to securely access bank data (PSD2) and offer new innovative and user-centred services and products.


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