Scytale for the government and institutions

E-money, checks on public and private blockchains are just some of the services needed today to handle cryptocurrencies.

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The challenge

Cryptocurrency custody solutions are increasingly regarded as a bridge between the traditional market of institutional investments and the changing area of cryptocurrencies.

By starting precisely from the main innovative solutions in the sector, an increasing number of banks, bodies and other institutes are trying to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.

The main objective is certainly to attain full compliance, with white label solutions that will enable them to accept cryptocurrencies as actual guarantees to provide loans and insurance policies.

This is exactly what is happening for central banks in China, South Corea and even France, as they are seriously considering the issue of their own official digital currency.

Moreover, in a world with ever-growing migration, the “anytime, anywhere” vote will turn into an increasingly frequent request: this is precisely where blockchain can be essential for digital voting, by encrypting and saving the vote in a sort of electronic ballot box.


Municipal/regional virtual currencies


Verification to ensure a secure Blockchain application


Reliability and digital asset custody


Process management and certified digitalisation


Notarisation and integration with SPID (Italian public digital identity) systems

Use Case

How can you use
blockchain technology to enhance your company?
Select a field and apply it to your business

Digital Identity Systems (SSI)

Identities registered with blockchain technology are decentralised, immutable and verifiable.


Electronic signature

A blockchain electronic signature refers to data in an electronic form (hashes and keys), logically associated with other data in an electronic form and used by the signee to sign documents, contracts, insurance policies, etc. More

Supply Chain Tracking

Ledger digitisation will make supply chains more resilient to future shocks and blockchain will help ensure data privacy for suppliers.


Asset & Wealth Management Bank

Security, transparency and immutability – through blockchain technology it is now possible to securely access bank data (PSD2) and offer new innovative and user-centred services and products.


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