A unique solution on the market

Blockchain orchestrator

It allows for the use of one or more blockchains at the same time, including future evolutions.

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A flexible and tailor-made solution

Scytale’s agnostic nature allows it to also use private blockchains, with periodic anchoring on one or more public blockchains, according to the client’s needs.
As the signing and writing stages are managed on a blockchain, this does not affect speed at all.
No more slowdowns!

Plus, since these are private blockchains that have been specially created – and are anchored on the public one at specific intervals – the process is simple and fast.


Option of using different blockchains

Integration of different chains, without ever affecting speed or development opportunities.


High reliability and control

Security, highly reliable protocols and full control over everything.


Lower costs compared to Bitcoin

Lower transaction costs, shorter handling time, flexible structure that is able to use the best performing resources. 



Less computation time means less transaction time, but not less security. 


Our distinctive features

What makes our solutions unique and why they differ from solutions previously used.


One-shoot Keys

Post-quantum proof technology is used to create a set of keys that can be tracked back directly to the owner. As these are one-shot keys, they prevent phishing attempts, man-in-the-middle attacks and the like.
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Full transparency for verification

Authentication system based on the device's own keys: every transaction is signed, thereby guaranteeing greater security and innovation compared to OTP-based solutions.

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Blockchain Orchestrator

Option of using one or more blockchains at the same time as part of a quick and simple process.

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Smart Contracts

Innovative use of smart contracts that issue notifications and/or alerts based on set rules.

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Blockchain Registration

Greater security: every public key used – therefore every transaction or process – is recorded on the blockchain.

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User Experience

Unique user experience, with a perfect design for every device (smartphone, desktop computer, tablet) for both the user and for the company.

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Scytale Products

Blockchain solutions that are ever more integrated with current regulations to give your digital transformation the boost it needs and do so under entirely secure conditions.

Signchain Authentication

PSD2 blockchain strong authentication based on the combined use of two channels and two or more factors. Strong authentication, plus the transparency and immutability of a blockchain signature.

Signchain Signature

The eIDAS-compliant blockchain electronic signature: either remotely or in person. For companies, agents and professionals. A secure electronic signature where, in our vision, blockchain is the real trusted cross-border service provider

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