Smart Contract API

Create and manage any kind of customised Smart Contract.

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Actions self-executed in a smart way

Creation of Smart Contracts capable of automating complex processes.


Highly reliable system

Interaction with the contract itself, to retrieve or verify data.


Not just a contract

Smart Contracts are entirely paper-less and easy to update.

Customised and innovative Smart Contracts

Creation of customised Smart Contracts, written in the languages ​​supported by the various blockchains allowing for their development (Ethereum, Quadrans, Quorum, Hyperledger, etc.).

With Smart Contracts, one can automatically verify the fulfilment of certain conditions and automatically perform actions when the conditions determined between the parties are met and verified.

Subsequently, a set of specially created APIs allow us to interact with the contract itself, so that we can write, retrieve and verify any data from the blockchain.

With our APIs you will be able to build

Smart Contract and automation applied to the needs of your company.


Manage your Smart Contracts

For process innovation, use Smart Contracts to automate business processes (as soon as certain conditions are met independently).

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Use Case

How can you use blockchain technology to enhance your company?
Select a field and apply it to your business.

Digital Identity Systems (SSI)

Identities registered with blockchain technology are decentralised, immutable and verifiable.


Electronic signature

A blockchain electronic signature refers to data in an electronic form (hashes and keys), logically associated with other data in an electronic form and used by the signee to sign documents, contracts, insurance policies, etc.



Supply Chain Tracking

Ledger digitisation will make supply chains more resilient to future shocks and blockchain will help ensure data privacy for suppliers.


Asset & Wealth Management Bank

Security, transparency and immutability – through blockchain technology it is now possible to securely access bank data (PSD2) and offer new innovative and user-centred services and products.